Are Snakes Good Luck?

Are snake love animals? Are snakes inspirational? Are snakes good luck magnets? Well it actually depends on your own understanding of animals (and any other external object that is thought to bring good luck). Please read the Law of Correspondence and the principle of Mentalism to become familiar with the topic depicted here.

A short answer, yes, the answer to the question of are snakes good luck is yes. Just like:
Are skunks good luck, yes.
Are rabbits good luck? Yes.
Are turtles good luck? Yes
Are lizards good luck? Yes.
Are dogs good luck? Yes.
Are rattlesnakes good luck? Yes
Are fish good luck? Of course!
All animals have the potential of being good luck magnets if our mind is set to bring good luck and according to this article snakes are good luck power animals.

The question of are snakes good luck matters to different people in different ways. In western traditions, specially Christian traditions, snakes are referred as evil animals. The devil is often depicted as a snake for instance. In this regard, for someone that has a heavily negative perspective on snakes, are snake pictures good luck? No, the answer is no. If your own perception becomes a filter for corresponding good luck matters, then the object will not work.

If instead our mind is set to bring a positive perspective and affinity with the corresponding animal, then we become in tune with the subtle energies of the universe that can help us manifest wellness and attract good luck. Are snakes good luck, Chinese traditions understand snakes as wise, patient, animals that can be very auspicious. In ancient Greece, snakes not only brought good luck, but also they were consider symbols of healing. Hence the medical community adopted it as a health logo.

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