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Om Hematite Keychain/Ring for Abundance and Protection

Hematite is known for its power over health, abundance, and tranquility. Yet when you put it together with the powerful OM symbol you get one of the most incredible keychains that you will ever find. This beautiful hematite keychain is the perfect gift for a friend or lover you wish to protect.

Protection And Lucky Om Symbol Hematite Gemstone Keychain

Protection And Lucky Om Symbol Hematite Gemstone Keychain Rating:
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Product Description

Item: Jm-Wkb4 Gemstone Size: About 2 Inch This Is Our Exclusive Product And You May Only Buy It From Us.
These Wish Stone Keychains Are Hot Sellers For Its Natural Powers And Special Outlook. They Are Engraved With Super Lucky Symbols, Which Are Extremely Popular Across The World For Its Way To Bring Good Luck And Protection.
Each Wish Stone Is Made From Genuine And Natural Semi-Precious Stone And Engraved In Cute Looking Silver Color. Each Keychain Comes With Silver Tone Key Ring. This Wish Stone Keychain Comes With Engraved Lucky And Protection Om Symbol. It Is Made From Genuine And Natural Hematite Gemstone And Brings Good Luck And Protection Every Step Of The Way. Absolutely Lucky And Special. Meaning Of Om Symbol: As Per Hindu Tradition, Om Is The Purest Name Of God. Om Is The Most Important And Significant Word Of Mantra Tradition. Om Is The One Eternal Syllable Of Which All That Exists Is But The Development. The Past, The Present, And The Future Are All Included In This One Sound, And All That Exists Beyond The Three Forms Of Time Is Also Implied In It. The Sound Of Om Is Also Called Pranava, Meaning That It Sustains Life And Runs Through Prana Or Breath. Om Also Represents The Four States Of The Supreme Being. The Sacred Symbol Is Often Found At The Head Of Letters, At The Beginning Of Examination Papers And So On. Many Hindus, As An Expression Of Spiritual Perfection, Wear The Sign Of Om As A Pendant Or Piece Of Accessory. It Is Interesting To Note That A Newly Born Child Is Ushered Into The World With This Holy Sign. After Birth, The Child Is Ritually Cleansed And The Sacred Syllable Om Is Written On Its Tongue With Honey. Natural Powers And Forces Of Hematite Gemstonehematite Relates To The Mars. Determining The Date When Hematite Use Began Would Be Difficult But It Has Probably Been Used Since The Earliest Days Of Human Civilization.


  • Natural and Genuine Gemstones

Harvest your innerpower with this incredible Lingam Amulet for Good Luck

From India, there is one really powerful, cure it all, stone that several Yogis actually use on a daily basis and that is the Lingam Amulet. The powers behind this sacred stone are hard to describe since they are so diverse in its application. The Lingam is a powerful stone that not only activates the creative sexual energies stored in the second chakra but also helps you to bring a higher awareness of yourself and eliminates once and for all past fears and traumas. Very few things compare to the incredible magic behind this sacred Yogic amulet.

As with any other spiritual stone, make sure you purify it before wearing it.

Large Shiva Lingam Stone Crystal, India. Highest Vibration of All Crystals.

Large Shiva Lingam Stone Crystal, India. Highest Vibration of All Crystals. Rating:
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Product Description

Every single crystal we offer to you is hand chosen for it's high vibration and awakened, positive working energy. When we receive an order, we consciously ask the crystals which one chooses you. Even if a gift. They see you, they know you. They do not use eyes and ears, they see outside of time and space to your energy, your light. Crystals choose with whom they want to be and work. We respect and listen! We are able to hear, then pack that crystal that "speaks up" to be with you. Crystals are incredibly wise mineral beings whose physical form was created over 100 million to a billion years! We honor and respect the crystals we offer you. Our crystals are excellent for healing and manifesting. Instructions are included on how to set your intention into the crystal(program it). Once programmed with your intention, crystals direct its energy towards that goal. It knows you. It can become your greatest ally, with high energy only a crystal can resonate. And all for you! We are only beginning to uncover what crystal's energy can do.


  • Pure love and healing, this one.
  • This lingam crystals emit a healing and nurturing energy for the greatest love.
  • It can work to reduce your fears while putting you back in your power.
  • It can also easily and beautifully help change you to allow and manifest what you want.
  • Contains: One shiva lingam stone crystal, 4", India, One carrying pouch, and a detailed note about the crystal you receive.

Do you need help bringing Good Luck into Home? I have what need

Sometimes the energy in our home might be a bit clouded or simply dense. In such cases bad luck simply seems to occur everywhere. I mean, think about it, if the place were you spend most of your personal time has a negativity aura around it, everything might seem a bit blurry.

The solution? Simple, if you are looking to bring good luck into your home do the following:

  • Clean your house from any unused items, they only produce death energy if they are not being used.
  • Remove mirrors that reflect your bed, I cannot stress this enough. If you need them because your sex therapist prescribed them, but them on only when you are going to be using them. Take them away the rest of the time. Few things affect more your energy that active portals that reflect energy when you are asleep.
  • Get a brass bell or any musical object that emits a high pitch cycling sound and walk thru every room and corner of your house ringing it, it will help remove death energy. Remember to keep a window open when you are doing this.
  • Get a Buddha statue. Few things i know are as powerful to bring good luck into your home as the peaceful and enduring presence of a Buddha statue.


Wooden Hand Carved Meditation Buddha Religious Statue Elegant Spiritual Gift for Good Luck Birthday or Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men & Women

Wooden Hand Carved Meditation Buddha Religious Statue Elegant Spiritual Gift for Good Luck Birthday or Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men & Women Rating:
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Product Description

Namaste!! We at India Ethnicity bring the real India to the world through handcrafted products that are cherished Globally. What's more rewarding than an Artisan crafting a unique artifact, and in return, receiving a platform to craft their own way of life.

In about the sixth century B.C. Siddhartha Gautama was born into a royal family. When he was a young adult his experiences with the outside world drove him to seek out a greater understanding of life and spiritual fulfillment.

Through seeking guidance and meditation, Siddhartha achieved Enlightenment. From that point, he was known as the Buddha, which means 'Enlightened One'. For the rest of his life, the Buddha traveled great distances teaching people about one path to salvation.

After Buddha's death, his pupils continued to spread his teachings. Buddhism developed at a time when Hinduism, the most widespread religion in India, had become tightly controlled by priests and the upper classes. Buddhism offered hope and access to spiritual understanding and satisfaction to ordinary people.

Throughout the world today, people still follow the teachings of the Buddha.

This sculpture has been handmade by gifted artisans from the Indian State of Rajasthan, and is a simple, yet powerful and meaningful sculpture to have in one's home or to gift a loved one.


  • Serene and calming, symbol of spiritual enlightenment
  • Work of fine craftsmanship by artisans from Rajasthan, India
  • Makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one
  • Chill out with this beautiful handcrafted Buddha product
  • 3.5 x 2.2 x 6 inches

Powerful Feng Shui Symbol that Repel Negative Energy

Feng Shui is both an art and a spiritual tradition. It says that sometimes negative energy might filter into our homes by lack of attention or by negative emotions that open doors for bad spirits to cause trouble. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your home is with this powerful symbol that repeals negative energy:

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Beautiful Reiki Symbol for Good Luck and Abundance in Silver

This powerful blessed silver Reiki symbol will help you attune your energies to the sublime Ki that enfolds us. This is the modern kanji symbol of Reiki and syncronices your inner energies with the universal aura of the earth. Reiki in and out of itself is a powerful word to pronounce since it evokes sublime natural energies. If you wear this Good luck Reiki symbol you will notice that miracles start happening all around you.

Sterling Silver "Reiki" Kanji Chinese Symbol Charm

Sterling Silver "Reiki" Kanji Chinese Symbol Charm Rating:
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Product Description

Length: 1 1/2" Pendant symbol means "Reiki". English translation of the word "Reiki" is engraved on the back of the pendant. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, based on the flow of life force energy. Item is available as a pendant.


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