Five Simple Ways to Attract Good Luck

If you are looking for some of the most effective ways to attract good luck you have come to the right place, follow one of this simple five techniques and you will see your good luck increase within a week.

  1. Every morning, in front of a mirror repeat the following affirmation: “I am ever more aware of my increased good luck and fortune. Life smiles at me all the time”. Look straight at your eyes as you repeat it and say it at least 7 times (one for each major chakra).
  2. Draw the Good Luck Chinese symbol in a jar of water(or better yet, engrave it) and let it rest all night. Drink water from this jar regularly as a solemn act and you will see your good luck naturally increase (it has a powerful psychological and metaphysical effect).

    Chinese Good Luck Symbol

    Chinese Good Luck Symbol

  3. Every night, before going to sleep, image life blessing you in general. Imagine that no matter what happens, you are in God’s hands and everything falls perfectly into place. Just visualize every single even in your day as a perfect plan for tomorrow. Smile while you visualize this and let this be your very last thought before going to sleep. Your subconscious mind will work hard at bringing this into your life.
  4. Wish other people Good Luck all the time. It has to be sincere, not just a mere polite gesture but really give them your sincere blessing of luck. Pray for your friends so that they can have good luck in their life’s and meditate for their success. You will see that as you help them bring fortune into their life you will naturally get more good luck into yours.
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