Good Luck Symbols

A good luck symbol can be anything that a person believes will bring him or her good luck. In the world, there are several objects and signs that are considered to symbols of good luck and that is why every often you will see people having these symbols on their bodies.

Some of the symbols of good fortune are mentioned below:

• The 4-leaf clover has always been considered to a sign of good fortune as it is very rare to see on. If a person finds this kind of clover, it is believed that the person would get lots of luck. Each leaf on the clover has a different meaning. The first leaf represents faith, the second hope, the third love and the fourth is for luck. In Ireland, the 3-leaf clover, known as Shamrock, was symbolic of the Holy Trinity — the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, when the Shamrock has a fourth leaf, it symbolizes the grace of God.

• The horseshoe is another symbol of good luck from the ancient times. It is believed that a horseshoe keeps the evil eye from coming inside a person’s home or life. This belief could have stemmed from the fact that horseshoes protect horses, so people started believing that it would protect them too. Also, when people hang horseshoes, they do so with the pointed ends pointing upwards. This is believed to attract good fortune into the place.

• The nut from the oak tree, the acorn, is another symbol that represents youthfulness, prosperity, and power. The Nordic people believed that acorn had the power to protect a person from lightening. So, when there was a lightening storm, they would often place an acorn on their windowsill to protect their homes and themselves from the lightening.

The symbols of good luck are rabbit’s foot, the number 7, bamboo, falling star, wishbones, dolphins and red bats.