how to attract good luck?

How to attrack good luck and good fortune

If you are wondering how to attract good luck and good fortune you are not alone, close to 90 percent of visitors coming into is site have exactly the same question. Whether is how to attract good luck and happiness or how to attract good luck and money, people desire to live a more auspicious life.

We all have been there, you are dinning with a few friends and suddenly you open a good luck cookie that says something about your destiny. But what really is destiny and how does it relate to good luck?

Well, in my opinion ahow to attract good luck?s a spiritual teacher, destiny is the pathway that is intended for us to follow, for us to fulfill. It involves our potential, our aptitudes, our past, and our present. Yet, how does this relate to how to attract good luck and good fortune? Well, much is been said about the power of our mind as a way to attract good luck into your life, but what is often forgotten in programs like the law of attraction in The Secret (the popular movie and book about manifesting your dreams) is that while the law of attraction is part of the most essential steps to attract good luck, it is not the only one. There are in fact 7 metaphysical laws that govern how to attract good luck and good fortune.

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But how to attract good luck and good fortune?

One of the most misunderstood laws is the law of correspondence, in ancient traditions this is know as the law of magical correspondence. This law just states “as above so below, as inside the outside will be”. In a personal way it can be used to relate to events happening in our life, if we see only chaos and turmoil in our external world, it might mean that our internal world of emotions is just as chaotic. By fixing one, the other will naturally improve. This is what ascended teachers meant when they say that all change must come from within.

Yet there is another application of the law of correspondence, which is the principle of magical correspondence. Humans are a reflection of nature, and each plant, rock, animal, or element is represented in our mind as thoughts and emotions. If we pair our consciousness with material manifestations of consciousness, we can learn to attract good luck into your life.

It is throughout careful observation that the wise-man have been able to decode the mental correspondences of material objects, for instance if we want to find ways to attract love, we should surround ourselves with mental correspondences of love such as doves, honey, fire, and rose quarts. Those elements have a resonance with love and will help to bring it if done with the right set of mind. And that is in a nutshell one of the most important elements on how to attract good luck and good fortune. I recommend you to read this interesting article about how to attract good luck and good fortune.

  • John

    I think attracting good luck is all in the mind. If you can give off the right kind of vibe then people with similar interests will be attracted to you and this will lead to more doors opening in your life.

    • Alex WM

      you are very right John! attacking Good luck is about the inner power we are able to use to bring about a positive change in our life.