Your mind is a Tool to Attract Good Luck

How to Attract Good Luck, Enjoy Life, and Find Love.

Here we are going to learn some basic charms to help you attract good luck, enjoy life, and find love. It might sound a bit all-encompassing but the reality is that it is possible for you to find love and be happy once you learn to manifest good luck. Perhaps on of the most difficult tasks for humans is to be able to control their mind. We got such an incredible power inside of us, but many are afraid to fully explore their full human potential. If you are willing to explore the boundaries of your imagination and engage in a self-constructive talk with your soul, you will discover that you are quite capable of this and more.

The only limit to helping you realize how to attract good luck like the master magnet that you are is your vey own limiting beliefs. If you think you can be easily defeated, you are already defeated. In order to fully harvest the potential hidden within your soul, you should tune your mind to the subtle coincidences that are the invisible strings of the universe orchestrating life.

All you have to do is literally seat back and let go of your limiting attachments and learn to thrust in the process of life.

If you wish to know how to attract good luck, enjoy some time with your self. Get away from the chaos and be quiet a few minutes of the day. Just introspect, look at yourself. For many people this might be a terrifying experience, being alone and in mental silence might scare some of the most intrepid daredevils. You not only need to enjoy moments of silence, you need to learn to live InJoy.

Of course, as I always say, there are tools that can help you realize how to attract good luck, enjoy life, and find love. Here are some good luck charms that can (along with your own mental discipline) enhance your materialization of your desires:

  • Wear yellow, this is the color of pure enjoyment. It revitalizes the solar plexus and brings self realization and a sense of fulfillment.
  • To make a very powerful good luck and love charm, get about two cups of rose petals. Manually grind them fresh until you get a very pure paste. Add to the paste half of an egg yolk and keep mixing it. Make the mix into the shape of a heart. Let it dry in a sunny place. Carry it with you all the time, every week add two drops of patchouli essential oil to keep the energies moving.
  • It is being said that asparagus is a very powerful love-energizer. If you wish to attract good luck, love, and joy, enjoy some asparagus in the fullest point of the moon. This will bring not only good luck but open your heart to receive love and prosperity as well.
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Your mind is a Tool to Attract Good Luck

The only limit, your imagination.

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