How to attract good luck into your life

learn to attract good luck into your lifeIf you are wondering “how do you attract good luck into your life” you have come to the right place. Good luck is a gift that can be harvested with the right mental attitude. Good luck is not necessarily a “thing” that can be owned but a series of circumstances that come to the person when he/she is aligned with the processes of the universe. Here you will learn to attract good luck into your life.

Please read Law of Attraction and the principle of correspondence if you would like to become familiar with concept of the power of your mind.

There are some basic steps to attract good luck into your life, these steps are necessary to help you tap into your strongest energy source, your own mind. Many people think of themselves as victims of circumstances, instead of asking “what am I doing wrong that is bringing not what I want” they become comfortable with mental attitudes such as “that is the way things are” or “this always happens to me”. The difference between someone who has control over his/her mind and someone who sees himself/herself as a passive observer of life is that one is successful and the other one miserable.

Think about it, your thoughts control the way you react to things, the way you perceive reality, the way you enjoy your life. If you take responsibility of your thoughts, you will begin to see extraordinary changes in your life.

Use your thoughts responsibly!

Every time you encounter yourself thinking in a negative way about something, realize your thought pattern and shift your thoughts. Every second you spend thinking negatively about something is a second of life wasted in spiritual pain. How do you know if your thoughts are negative and therefore bringing negative events into your life? Easy, your feelings. Your emotions are natural measurement tools of your mind. If you feel sad, depressed, angry, in dispair, etc, is because your thought pattern (the way you think) led you to this state. If you learn this simple mental trick, you will have learn to attract good luck into your life success.

As you know, there are physical tools that help us enhance the power of our mind the way a magnifying glass focuses light into a laser-target beam of energy. This is the principle of correspondence and some of the things you can do to help you attract good luck into your life are:

  • Sprinkle nutmeg into your coffee, nutmeg is considered in European spiritual traditions as a success spice. Add a little nutmeg to your Starbuks coffee. It is not a coincidence that Starbucks ALWAYS HAS NUTMEG IN THE SELF SERVICE AREA.
  • Clean your room! It might sound cliche but one of the best ways to attract good luck into your life is to keep your environment clutter free and with plenty of natural light. Humans need a constant source of energy to keep up working at optimal levels, an environment that allows the energy to move freely without any obstacles helps our aura pick up the best of what energies are available.
  • Carry a piece of Papaya peel in your wallet. Let it dry first. And use it as your good luck magnet. It helps more with money related matters but lets be honest, a healthy wallet always is welcomed.
  • Carry the fifth pentacle of Mercury: if you need to learn how to attract good luck into your life and would like to just exponentially increase our exposure to opportunities to study the power of your mind and gain very valuable knowledge about the study to attract good luck into your life, this seal is meant for you. This ancient symbol represents humility in the persist of magical knowledge and can help you gain access to knowledge available only to few.
  • Read this quick tips to attract good luck into your life in a practical manner.


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How to attract good luck into your life using your mind.

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