How to Attract Good Luck Scientific Style

If you are wondering if it is possible to attract good luck in a “scientific” way, then you are asking the right kind of questions and therefore are already somewhat of a scientist. You see, good luck and many things in general require a quite rigorous process of observation, analysis, and retrospection for us, humans, to comprehend the nature of the process, event, or circumstance. Good luck in this regard is no different from other natural processes that occur in our environment.

How to attract good luck commonly is referred as mere superstition, yet there are steps to attract good luck scientifically. For this, we require, as in science, an open mind to test and verify our evidence, reevaluate our conclusions, and make predictions about the outcome of our actions. If you wish to learn to attract good luck scientifically you need to be willing to make mistakes and perhaps change your devious assumptions about the ways things work.

How to attract good luck scientific style requires that you test your thoughts: try thinking only positive things one day and evaluate your results, next try thinking about negative matters, compare to see any difference in EXTERNAL CIRCUMSTANCES. Remember, you are only changing your thoughts, so any external change should not be “directly related to your experiment”. The best way to attract good luck scientifically is to simply ask yourself a lot of questions, there are actually scientific explanations on how to attract good luck.

Remember, in science, how you ask a question might sometimes be even more important than the answer itself. Therefore how to attract good luck standard of practice should be to question your own actions and try to uncover what is bringing in positive and negative circumstances.

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