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Powerful Good Luck AmuletNo other amulet compares to this one, the Good Luck Knot for Protection is the single most important amulets for good luck that I have ever encounter. Not only it will help you attract good luck but it will also protect your aura from negativity and bad influences. I did learn how to make this powerful good luck amulet for protection back when I was in High School and a refugee friend from China told me how to do them. He said that from the region he came from this were consider very powerful protection amulets and were used by Buddhist monks to meditate and bless the village. There is a very specific ritual you must follow to make one of these. You must be in an active state of meditation while making this powerful protection amulet.


Does it work? Of course, I have personally tried with several of my close relatives and friends. Even people who have enemies that are actively doing black magic trying to harm them find great protection from this amulet.

One time a friend of mine was feeling very sick and everything started going bad in her life. Nothing could motivate her and she was desperate. I told her that it might had something to do with the fact that someone was doing black magic on her (she was going through a divorce because her husband cheated on her and apparently she knew black magic since my friend found several traces of it in her house). To make a long story short, I made a Good Luck Knot for Protection for her, the very next day she woke up feeling great and everything started falling into place after that. She and her husband managed to solve their difference and they are both happy now (he also has a good luck knot).

How does the Good Luck Knot for Protection work?

My Chinese friend explained to me that there are two kinds of spirits, blessing spirits and evil spirits. The evil spirits are just pure negative energy caused by lower human emotions and they like chaos. As a matter of fact, negative energy hates order and balance. The good luck knot is like an eternal mandala, a pure symbol of harmony and order since it is made with a single string that loops itself while the person who is making it is chanting a blessing mantra. The protection amulet is infused with pure lotus oil and burn in certain areas to seal the blessing.

How should I use the Good Luck Knot for Protection?

Simply wear it all the time. NEVER, NEVER take it off and you will be protected from negative energies who cannot stand it. This will naturally bring you blessings on your daily living and you will notice a dramatic change from one day to the next after you start wearing this protection knot. As a good recommendation you can always keep your protection amulet tight to your left ankle (usually your most vulnerable side).

How much does the Good Luck Knot for Protection cost?

I am giving one for free to all my blog readers, simply give a five dollar or more donation to provide for shipping and the maintenance cost of this website. I really want everybody to have this powerful protection amulet and the more people who can have it the better.


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    Where can buy like this in guangzhou?…i’m leaving somewhere here but i don’t know the exact address so maybe it’s easy for me to buy.