Secret trick to attract good fortune in your home

If you have tried everything to bring good fortune into your home and have failed, then you must try this powerful technique to bring good luck and prosperity into your home.

You will need:

  • Seven Red Apples
  • Any woody incence
  • An Octagonal or Circular Mirrow
  • A Chinese or Indian Jade Buddha (the one for prosperity)

What you do is you need to have your house dusted first, clean it intensely. Once it is impeccable, you will do a Fortune Blessing Ceremony. Put the mirror in floor, near the entrance of your home. Place the Jade Buddha in the middle of it. Place the seven red apples around it, light the incense and passing it in circular motion (clockwise) around the Buddha say “Om Thare Tuht Ah” seven times (one for each apple). This powerful trick will help you attract good fortune into your home in no-time.

Replace the apples once a week.

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